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Throughout the years, no other rock band has

conquered the world and the charts like Queen.
Starting in the early seventies and throughout

the eighties, Freddie Mercury, Brian May,

Roger Taylor and John Deacon have written

hit after hit. From their first number one single,

Bohemian Rhapsody, to their stadium anthems,

We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions,

their music has reigned across the radio airwaves

from Great Britain and Europe to the USAs and


As the nineties approached, Queen focused their

energies from touring to recording. The Miracle
and Innuendo proved to be some of Queen's

finest moments. They began to pick up new fans
across the world, and according to many critics,

were returning to the glory days of A Night at

the Opera and News of the World. Unfortunately,

on November 24, 1991, that new found steam

came to a halt, as Freddie Mercury passed away,

due to complications from AIDS. Queen as we

knew it ended that day, but the three remaining

members have continued to keep the legend alive,

releasing recordings such as a completion of

Freddie's final recordings, Made in Heaven and

brand new songs like No One But You.

This volume "Rock Legend Stage-2, The Show

Must Go On" is the continuation of a magical

tour through the history of Queen, from his first

concerts in South America, where they were the

first rock band to embark on a stadium tour,

Hungary where on their Magic Tour, to the new

beginnings without Freddie, with videos clips,

live performances, archival footage and

many interviews.