LPCM Stereo
DTS 5.1
Dolby Digital 2.0
EU 2006


CD 1:
1. In My Defence (2000 Remix) 
2. Great Pretender (Original) 
3. Living On My Own (1993 No More Brothers Radio Mix) 
4. Made In Heaven (Mr Bad Guy Album Version) 
5. Love Kills (Original) 
6. Barcelona (Barcelona Album Version) 
7. Love me Like There's No Tomorrow (Mr Bad Guy Album Version) 
8. How Can I Go On? (Barcelona Album Version) 
9. Foolin' Around (Steve Brown) 
10. Time (Original) 
11. Barcelona (Barcelona Album Version) 
12. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow (Mr Bad Guy Album Version) 
13. I Was Born To Love You (Mr Bad Guy Album Version) 
14. Golden Boy (Barcelona Album Version) 
15. Mr Bad Guy (Mr Bud Guy Album Version) 
16. Great Pretender (Malouf Mix) 
17. Love Kills (Star Rider remix) 
18. I Can Here Music (Original) 
19. Goin' Back (Original) 
20. Guide Me Home (Piano) (Thierry Lang Jazz Version) 

CD 2:
1. Love Kills (Sunshine Peaople Radio Mix)
2. Made In Heaven (Extended Version) 
3. Living On My Own (Egg Vocal Mix) 
4. Love Kills (Rank 1 remix) 
5. Mr.Bad Guy (Bad Circulation Mix) 
6. I Was Born To Love You (George Demure remix) 
7. My Love Is Dangerous 
8. Love Making Love (Demo) 
9. Love Kills (Pixe182 remix) 
10. I Was Born To Love You (Extended Version) 
11. Foolin' Atound (Early Version) 
12. Living On My Own (No More Brothers Extended Mix) 
13. Love Kills (Gummera Re-edit)
14. Your Kind Of Love (V & P Version) 
15. Let's Turn It On (Acapella)

DVD 1 - Freddie Mercury – The Untold Story:
Documentary [Duration : 112 mins] 

Extras: The Making Of - The Untold Story

            Interviews and deleted scenes

Audio: Stereo with Sean Pertwee narration

            Stereo without narration

            5.1 Surround Sound
            Comments from the Director

DVD 2 - Singer Of Songs:
Music Videos.
1. Barcelona 
2. The Great Pretender 
3. I Was Born To Love You
4. Time
5. How Can I Go On
6. Made In Heaven
7. Living On My Own
8. The Golden Boy

Bonus Videos:
9. Barcelona - Live Version
10. The Great Pretender - Extended Version
11. In My Defence - Re-edit 2000

12. Freddie Mercury Audio Commentary - Taken from archive audio interviews – talking in detail about the specific songs, and recording as a solo artist.
13. Video Directors Audio Commentary – Each video is accompanied by a detailed explanation by the video’s Director.
14. A View Forever – Short documentary describing the creation and unveiling of the Freddie statue in Montreux. Includes interview with the sculptor.
15. The Three Producers – Extended interviews with the three Producers who knew Freddie best – Dave Richards, Mike Moran and Mack.
16. The Last Interview – Last filmed interview with Freddie - unedited.
17. Interactive Photo Gallery [CD-ROM] – Highlights from the Freddie Mercury Photo Exhibition – accompanied by Thierry Lang performance of Freddie songs.