English Dolby Digital 2.0


The Freddie Mercury Video Documentary, 89 min.

The Freddie Mercury Video is a unreleased documentary made by DoRo in 1995 with never seen before interviews, live and studio footages, rehearsals and making of videos. Includes for the first time the behind the scenes at The Great Pretender video shooting in 1987, Budapest 1986 rehearsal, Freddie with The Royal Ballet, Time Musical recording and many more.

New interviews to Queen members Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, also unseen interviews to Mary Austin the Freddie´s girlfriend and Dave Clark Freddie's friend. You can see a lot of interviews to Freddie, live performances never seen before and many archive footages of the life and career of Freddie Mercury.


Intro: The Great Pretender
Early Fred: From Farookh Bulsara to Freddie Mercury
Royal Ballet
Time Waits For No One (or The Time Project)
Art & Style
Freddie’s Parties
The Munich Days (or Mr. Bad Guy In Munich)
Pretending The Pretender (or Freddie’s Costumes)
Freddie Working (Freddie At Work)
Barcelona (or The Perfect Dream)
Fred on Fred
The Final Chapter: From Freddie Mercury to Farrokh Bulsara
End: In My Defence



The Garden Lodge Tapes, 117 min.

Bath Scene Garden Lodge
Joe and Terry in the kitchen
Tiffany cat in the garden
Jim working in the garden
New York Daughters visiting Freddie
Freddie signing autographs with New York Daughters
Christmas 1989 - Tour through Garden Lodge
Short conversation with Joe
Unpacking of the presents
The next morning
In the Kitchen (Joe with Jim Hutton)
Playing with the cats in the living room
Garden Lodge footage
"I'm Going Slightly Mad" behind the scenes
Mary Austin and son footage in Switzerland 1990
Freddie making a phone call in Switzerland 1990
In the airplane back to London (Mary and husband, Terry and wife and Luke son)
Visiting Mary Austin's son Christmas 1990
Christmas train table in Garden Lodge
Flowers brought to Garden Lodge after the death of Freddie
Freddie's garden 1991-1992


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