Dolby Surround 5.1
LPCM 2.0
2013 Remaster


The Videos Collection
Cowboys And Indians

Shove It

Heaven For Everyone
Power To Love


New Dark Ages


Extra Rarities

Cowboys & Indians (WWF Club - Germany 1987)
Cowboys & Indians (The Roxy - Newcastle 1987)
Live at No. 73 (UK 1987)
   Cowboys & Indians

   Stand Up For Love
Live in Meltdown 1987 (Thames TV Studios - UK)
   Shove It

   Cowboys And Indians

   Love On A Tightrope
   Stand Up For Love

   Feel The Force

   I'm In Love With My Car
Cowboys & Indians (Yoruno Hits - Japan 1988)
Heaven For Everyone + Interview (Formel Eins - Germany 1988)
Live in Montreux (Golden Rose festival 1988)

   Heaven For Everyone
Heaven For Everyone (ZDF - Germany 1988)
Power To Love (Live Aus dem Schlachthof, serie 277 - Germany 1990)
Liar (Clip-Klapp - Germany 1990)
Top Of The World, Ma (Live in Ibiza 1990)



More Rarities
Power To Love (Azzurro, Italia 1 - Italy 1990)
New Dark Ages (Gottschalle - Germany 1991)
New Dark Ages (Hollymund, WDR - Germany 1991)
Blue Rock EPK


Roger Taylor & Peter Noone Interview (UK 1988)
Roger Taylor & Josh Macrae Interview (Super 1988)
Roger Taylor Interview (Sweden 1988)
Montreaux Interviews 1990

The Albums 5.1

1988 - Shove It
Shove It
Cowboys And Indians
Heaven For Everyone
Stand Up For Love
Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal)
Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress)
Rough Justice
The 2nd Shelf Mix


1990 - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
Top Of The World Ma
Closer To You
Break Down
Penetration Guru
Power To Love
Sister Blue
Foxy Lady
Better Things
Passion For trash
Old Men (Lay Down)
Final Destination


1991 - Blue Rock
Bad Attitude
New Dark Ages
Dirty Mind
Baby It’s Alright
Ain’t Put Nothin' Down
The Also Rans
Put It All Down To Love
Hand Of Fools (Out Of Control)
Life Changes