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The sad passing of Freddie Mercury in 1991, took from the world probably the finest rock and pop performer of all-time. With only a handful of front men and women coming anywhere close to Mercury's level of showmanship, the great man remains as important a 20th century artist as Valentino, Sinatra or Monroe. But Freddie was much more than just a consummate and professional performer; his magnetic stage presence and outstanding vocal abilities, alongside his genius as a songwriter and skills as a highly regarded musician, made this iconic all-rounder among the most respected and best loved personalities to ever grace a stage. This film presentation is a tribute to a great man, almost 30 years after the tragic circumstances of his death. Featuring contributions from his closest friends and colleagues plus fellow musicians and the finest critics, writers and broadcasters, the film also boasts extensive archive footage, interviews and news reports from the man himself and with the group which he so expertly co-created. Still as popular today as he ever was, Freddie Mercury was a once-in-a-generation personality whose life, albeit short, was one which touched almost everyone who ever saw him perform. Director: Mark Turnbull