1. A Kind Of Magic
2. A Kind Of Magic (Without chorus)
3. Friends Will Be Friends
4. Who Wants To Live Forever
5. Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme)
6. Don't Lose Your Head
7. Party
8. Khashoggi's Ship
9. I Want It All (Instrumental single Version)
10. I Want It All (Without chorus)
11. The Miracle
12. Breakthru
13. The Invisible Man
14. Was It All Worth It
15. I'm Going Slightly Mad
16. Headlong
17. I Can't Live With You
18. Ride The Wild Wind
19. These Are The Days Of Our Lives



1. The Hitman
2. The Show Must Go On
3. It's A Beautiful Day
4. Made In Heaven
5. Mother Love
6. I Was Born To Love You
7. Heaven For Everyone (Instrumental Single Version)
8. Heaven For Everyone (Instrumental Album Version)
9. You Don't Fool Me
10. A Winter's Tale
Bonus Tracks:
11. Brighton Rock (A Capella)
12. Killer Queen (A Capella)
13. Bohemian Rhapsody (A Capella)
14. We Are The Champions (A Capella)
15. Get Down, Make Love (A Capella)
16. Fat Bottomed Girls (A Capella)
17. Play The Game (A Capella)
18. Another One Bites The Dust (A Capella)
19. Under Pressure (A Capella)
20. I Want It All (A Capella)


All tracks featuring the original Queen recordings.
Full digitally remastered 2010